Genesys Video Gateway (9.0)

Video Contact Center Sizing Calculator

This sizing tool allows for calculation of the number of (virtual) servers required for supporting the Genesys Video Gateway. Based on your server specifications and expected traffic, the tool will provide the number of servers required.

The reference server used:


Enter the Video Resolution for the calls you are expecting

Frame Rate:

Enter the Frame Rate of the video calls you are expecting

Number of Cores:

Enter the number of (virtual) Cores available for your server

Number of Ports:

The number of ports is counted on the Web side only

# of Application Server(s) required # of MCU(s) required # of TURN Server(s) required Total Server (MCUs) Bandwidth Required
{{ CalculateASRequired() }} {{ CalculateMCURequired() }} {{ CalculateTURNRequired() }} {{ CalculateBandwidthRequired() }} Mbps
Application Server + MCU (all-in-one) # of TURN Server(s) required Total Server (MCUs) Bandwidth Required
{{ CalculateMCURequired() }} {{ CalculateTURNRequired() }} {{ CalculateBandwidthRequired() }} Mbps

*All numbers assume 100% transcoding

*Even for all-in-one (AS+MCU) configuration, separate TURN Server is recommended

*For Deployment Types, please refer to this documentation